How long does it take to train a dog?


I have to say a pet peeve of mine (no pun intended) is how unrealistic some dog owners can be about how long it takes to train a dog. It can take months and months of dedicated and consistent hard work to see results sometimes depending on the task you are trying to achieve. It can take hundreds of repetitions to change behaviour.

For example, look at it this way… how long would it take YOU to change a behaviour? To lose weight? To quit smoking? To stop biting your nails? To teach your child to swim, or ride a bike, or read, or..? Well you get the idea. So why do you think it should take 6-8 hours of classroom work to teach your dog all he needs to know in life? Then, even worse, to be disappointed that he isn’t meeting your standards of obedience.

To say that I, or any other Trainer for that matter, could adequately train your puppy or dog in 6-8 weeks is more than misleading. It’s a lie! To complete only one set of lessons, to me, is like stopping your human child’s education after Elementary School. You can’t possibly expect them to know what they were not taught. As a family dog style trainer, myself, I don’t expect your dog to be a “University Graduate” so to speak, I could care less about fancy footwork and tricks, but he should at least get his “High School Diploma” in if you want him to be a well behaved member of the family.

If you want your dog to sit with you at Starbucks, go camping with the family, greet people and dogs politely, walk on the leash without pulling you around and have a chance at coming back when called off leash- you need more than a puppy or beginners class! Please check out our many class choices to continue your dogs education.

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