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Thanks for visiting our website. We just wanted to let you know that we will be relocating as of September 15th 2014,  to Abbotsford and will not be offering in home training to any new clients outside Abbotsford while we settle into the move. Service outside the Abbotsford area *may* continue later this fall or [...]

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Meet Your Trainer

    How is your canine communication? Desiree believes mis-communication between human and canine is the primary cause of most “bad behaviour”. Insight into a dog’s mind is a priceless lifetime lesson for any dog owner. I want to help you understand your dog, so your dog can understand you! A good trainer should help you form a stronger bond with your dog; to develop a relationship built on trust and respect.

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Upcoming Classes

Registration Policy

Please register online with a non-refundable $25.00 deposit to secure your spot for all full length group classes. Balance due on the first class by cash or cheque. Workshops will ask for full payment during registration. If for some reason you are unable to make your payment or deposit online, please arrange alternative payment with your Trainer.

Welcome to In the Doghouse

Is your dog in the doghouse? Chaotic canine? New puppy?

We can help get you off on the right paw. This is dog training for real life.  Every owner has a different vision of what makes a “good dog”. Let us make your vision a reality…

  • A comfortable approach to dog training
  • Based on canine psychology
  • Improve your relationship with your dog
  • We are committed to helping you reach your goal
  • Group classes, one on one, or just for fun!

In the Dog House creates well mannered and balanced dogs.  Our lessons apply to daily life with your family pet.  We are committed to guiding you step-by-step and making learning enjoyable for both of you.   We set goals and achieve them by helping you understand your dog…so your dog can understand you!


    Our services have been carefully developed over time and are constantly being updated with you in mind. We cater to all ages and breeds and specialize in behavioural issues. Whether you are interested in training “just for fun” with your new puppy or have an older or rescued dog that needs some extra TLC we are here for you. No job too big or small, we love them all!

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Success Stories

  • 110lbs of lunging German Shepherd!: First off I have to give thanks to Jen and Josiah for being such dedicated wonderful owners. Adopting a large breed dog half way through his life is something to be commended, but to adopt one who then has some pretty serious anxiety and dog reactivity issues and to be such loving persistent owners to help him and train him deserves recognition. Here's whats going on so far on lesson 5 of the g...